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We are your trusted legal team and we are here to help you. We’ve walked in your shoes and have led many people, and business, down the right path with sword and shield in hand. There are many peaks and valleys, and many wrong turns in life. We will keep you on course and ensure you have a smooth ride.

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Highly Recommended! Unlike other attorneys, Roman is very accommodating and reliable. He is always available to answer any questions, address any concerns and quick to follow up with a response. He takes the time to explain in detail and his explanations are always clear and to the point.


Excellent business attorney. As an entrepreneur, Roman allows me to remain completely confident in every new venture we pursue. I wouldn't trust our legal work with anyone else but his firm.


Fantastic, professional, reliable. Mr. Tabatchouk was incredibly kind and helped me understand so many things I would never have known. He is incredibly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Commercial Leasing Lawyer New York

Because we take a client-oriented approach at Tabatchouk Law Firm PC, you will not wait for days to hear back from one of our commercial leasing lawyers. We are passionate about providing the best commercial leasing related legal services for people throughout the New York area. If you are delving into real estate or other commercial leasing related matters in the New York area, be sure to have a like us at Tabatchouk Law Firm PC to protect your best interests.

At Tabatchouk Law Firm PC, we provide personalized services because we know how varying and complicated the real estate system can be in the New York area. We hold many years of experience in the field, never wasting a moment to gain new insight on commercial leasing policies and how to better improve our clients’ real estate situations.

At Tabatchouk Law Firm PC, we hold many years of experience reviewing loan and mortgage documents to help people find the right house. When you come to our firm, you will find the personal attention and dedicated counsel you need succeed in your commercial leasing matters.

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