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Real Estate Law

We handle all aspects of residential and commercial real estate and leasing transactions in New York City and New Jersey.

Our clients vary from first-time home buyers who need in depth assistance with navigating the closing process, to sophisticated investors developing residential and commercial properties, and forming cooperatives and condominiums.

We represent cooperative and condominium boards in transfers, refinances and corporate documents review and revisions.

We also represent institutional, residential, commercial lenders and private mortgage lenders and are approved with a number of lenders to close mortgages and loans along with refinances, CEMA transactions and payoffs.

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

    From representing a first time home buyer to handling a complex commercial real estate transaction, we have our clients interests protected.

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  • Commercial Leasing

    We advise both Landlords and Tenants on drafting, reviewing and negotiating leases for commercial and medical spaces.

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  • Lender & Financing

    We represent various Lenders in New York and New Jersey with the closing of their residential and commercial loan transactions, payoffs and assignments.

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  • Condominium and Cooperative Representation

    Whether Condo or Co-Op, we represent a variety of boards in both New York and New Jersey on general Board and Building matters.

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Business Law

Our Firm has handled the legal needs of a wide variety of businesses across New York and New Jersey. We are aware of the stresses that businesses have to deal with, and provide legal products that address those on a reasonable budget.

We intimately understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting a business venture because you know what?

We’re cut from the same mold and we face the same day to day challenges you do.

  • Franchise Law

    We are experienced in handling and reviewing FDD’s and other Franchise required documentation.

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  • Business Formation

    Our firm handles all forms of business formation. From filing and obtaining an EIN, to drafting of operating agreements, by-laws or other corporate documents.

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  • Contracts and Agreements

    We advise and draft all sorts of contracts from a basic agreement between two individuals, to a complex venture or transaction between large entities.

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  • Acquisition and Disposition

    We advise on the sale and purchase of business between parties. Whether it’s a small floral shop or a large commercial enterprise, we can assist in the transaction.

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  • General Business Counseling

    On a monthly or rolling basis we provide our clients with packages to ensure they have access to the legal services they need.

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International Law

Our firm advises individuals in the USA that have needs in Ukraine. Typically the Ukrainian diaspora in the USA but, also business and investors looking to invest in Ukraine. Whether it’s the passing of a relative and the need to handle inheritance issues or the need to sell real estate, or even the need to form a joint venture or business entity in Ukraine, or establish and import/export relationship, we can advise our clients locally. Our team of attorneys in Ukraine, no matter the region, can assist in getting things accomplished on the ground.

We also handle transactions and business ventures not limited to matters in Ukraine. Typically advising clients looking for asset protection, joint ventures, or doing business in the United States, we can accomplish most needs of those individuals and entities relative to the details of their matter. Things such as O-visas for performances, EB-5 visas for investments, investing in real estate in the United States or import and export into the United States are areas we assist in.

  • International Transactions

    We handle cross border transactions for individuals looking to do business in or with US Entities.

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  • Ukrainian Law

    We have local counsel who can advise and assist on legal matters in Ukraine.

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